Dendrow Day Out: Thorpe Park

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Published: 29/09/2017   Last Updated: 29/09/2017   Tags:

As tradition in our company we had our monthly last Thursday of the month day out, this time it was my turn and I was particularly excited about this one as I love roller coasters, so yes of course you’ve guessed it, it was ‘Thorpe Park’. As always, it’s a surprise to everyone and as part of the fun everyone is trying to guess where we might be heading.

We all met in Ealing at 11am and there were three designated drivers to take us to the park, as soon as we got to the park we decided to go on Stealth (the ride which goes from 0 to 80 mph in 1.9 seconds) a few people where too scared to take part and others were forced to come on but seeing the look on everyone’s faces as we got off was priceless and it just confirmed why it’s my favourite ride at the park it’s amazing!!!

The next ride we decided to go on was the Swarm backwards in a death-defying flight for your life through apocalyptic devastation on Europe's tallest winged rollercoaster!!!!! It’s safe to say after that some people were either feeling dizzy, sick or scared stiff but me being me and loving rollercoasters I was ready for more.

We then decided to go and have some lunch in Finn’s Bar and Grill, which everyone enjoyed and the most popular dish which most people choose was the jerk chicken (something not too heavy we didn’t want anyone throwing up on the rides!!!!)

Next  we decided to go on Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, the attraction incorporates virtual reality, motion simulation and illusions designed in collaboration with the British mentalist. It is themed as an abandoned Victorian train depot and is also themed around the health effects and controversy involving fracking. This one everyone was so excited about as it was the new ride at the park, the only down side was the length of time we had to wait but it was worth it and lived up to what it was described as, the virtual reality side of it was amazing along with the real like actors, if you’re into that sort of thing I recommend it.

After this, a lot of us where feeling tired and needed a tea or coffee but some of the others decided to go onto the Saw the Ride the world's first horror movie rollercoaster as you experience a 'beyond vertical' drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft. They all came back with smiles on their faces saying how crazy the drop was, so I then was gutted I didn’t go on!

It was now time to go home but we all had a fantastic time and channelled into our inner child!!!!!

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