Is it Plane? Is it a Bird? No! It’s a FIX!

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Published: 27/10/2017   Last Updated: 27/10/2017   Tags:

Well our fun day started off with a lovely bring and share lunch in our Paddington office. This is also one of Dendrow  tradition, where each member of staff brings in lunch for us all to share. Hmmmmm chocolate cake!!
As we are full and energised it was time to burn some rubber. Full speed ahead to Acton, motorsports to be exact. Calling all Schumacher and Hamilton enthusiasts it’s to show your speed and skills around high speed indoor go kart circuit.
All suited and ready!!
During to the 15 mins demonstration video you could feel the tension of everyone’s competitiveness rising. Eager to start our 15 mins warm up laps followed by another 15mins laps of qualifier and the big race.
Throughout the warm up and qualifier, it was clear to see who the favourites are, with Matthew, Jan, Amar and myself leading in qualifying.
Now the competitive juices are flowing!!
Everything lined up for the main race (F1 style) lights out and we’re OFF!!
Rubbers seeking and grinding, A few bangs and crashes!! Chequered flag!!!
With everyone hoping out the cars not know where we all finished and who was the winner.
We all gathered waiting eagerly to see who will stand on top tier of the podium. 
3rd place:
2nd place:
And first place....... goes to PETER WIKILINKSON!!
To everyone’s surprise, he kept his head down through warm up and qualifier to come reign supreme.
When it was all said and done, it was fantastic to see the enjoyment and smiles on everyone’s faces. Must say it was a fantastic day!!

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