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How many of you out there, wanted to lock your colleagues and Directors in one room and throw the key away?

I have accomplished that!!! Well, minus throwing the key away, but locking them all for good 60 minutes without them even protesting!

Que City Maze: place where you literally lock yourself in until, by following the clues and solving the puzzles, you can get out!

So, two rooms, two teams and 60 min on the clock. Let’s see who will bring it! As it seems I have managed to keep the most of the group in dark (apart from Amar Malik who somehow figured it out) with what we are doing on the day. I was little bit disappointed that NOONE took me seriously with the importance of Sock Monkey Cap.

After all, I have said…. ‘You have to have it on the day’! Significant of that act was of the greatest importance and Dendrow failed colossally to oblige! So, there…… the prize of 500.00 dinars for the best produced monkey cap therefore is going to remain in my pocket forever!

But I am digressing!

Where was I?

Ah, two rooms, two teams and 60minutes on the clock! I have presumed that dividing teams would not go easy so I prepared the pictures of ‘Jungle Book’ and TV Show ‘Lost’ characters to help us out. Teams were soon after grouped and marched to the rooms: Jungle Book team into the Bumbuzzled Room and Team Lost into the Lost cabinet room. What both teams didn’t know is …. That I have arranged for the staff in City Maze to observe us on the cameras and give us the report on how we acted as a team. To be honest, I forgot about it as well since ones you are in….. you are so engaged in solving the puzzles and problems ahead that pretty much you forget about everything else!

Our faithful Captain Austin was stirring the ship…in all directions …. but with great and accomplished results. At the 50th min we have all tasted the sweet juice of the victory thinking how we solved all of the puzzles with 10min to spare only to discover that we have the WHOLE OTHER ROOM of puzzles to solve?????????????
10 Min left on the clock
4 more puzzles to solve
P A N I C !
Funny thing is, panic gives you WINGS (yes and the red bull also) and with adrenalin surging into out parietal lobes we have managed to finish the last few puzzles in no time!!!

6 bodies hurled back into the previous room to place the last piece on the board within the time frame allowed.

And NOTHING?! Clock still ticking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, we have missed the memo somewhere saying that for the room to open we all have to scream BUMBUZZLED !

Nevertheless … Jungle book team escaped the City Maze which it wasn’t the case with our co-workers in the team Lost, since, yep they lost and they remained locked in the room to this date!

Well, no, not really, that would be silly…. but so tempting ☺!!!!