Do You Have Home Contents Insurance? Keep Reading

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We’ve all been there, thought that it might not apply to us. Thinking that our home is safe and that nothing can happen, no one can break in, so why spend money on Contents insurance?

It’s not just about burglary, but what about Loss or Damage? Or money and credit cards? Portable and electrical items?

We spend vast sums of our hard-earned money on items which can be seen as irreplaceable and why not go that little bit further to ensure that if anything happens we would be covered.

Alan Boswell Group has been utilised by Dendrow International’s Management and Clients for a number of years and we are confident in their professionalism and enigmatic approach to the services that they offer, that it is standard amongst the majority of our clients.

Often it is written in a Tenancy Agreement that the landlord suggests that Tenants have contents insurance in place as the landlord is only required to have Buildings Insurance as standard. If anything were to happen, it is likely that the Landlord’s Building’s Insurance would not cover contents within the property.

There are so many options of Contents Insurance available for tenants and Alan Boswell Group is just one of many.

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