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In a recent article from Property Industry Eye, Estate Agents are finally being ‘cut some slack by one of their usual critics, consumer watchdog Which?’

Which? Carried out research looking at the biggest issues reported by consumers during the buying/selling process.

They report that the most common problem (19% of those surveyed) was delays caused by others in the chain.

Around a fifth of respondents stated that they couldn’t find a suitable property and 13% stated that the property was left in a poor condition or furniture was left in the property.

Which?? Mortgage Advisors arm surveyed 2000 buyers and of those, 12% experienced problems on completion day and others had problems in obtaining a mortgage.

It would appear that Estate Agents were not even mentioned and that conveyancing and removal firms actually caused the greatest problems.

At Dendrow, we understand how stressful it can be to move home, to buy or sell.

Our goal is to ensure that the process is kept simple, well as much as possible. Sometimes though it can be challenging.

That is why our team of experienced Consultants and Managers are here to help. There is very little they have seen and have completed on over their careers.

Dendrow, being a residential property company having been in the business for a good few years, does indeed have good connections with professional firms that have experience with regards to the specific property. For example, we know of a very good solicitor who is a “dab hand” at leasehold properties and very experienced in Mansions Block properties, whilst we know of another who is fantastic at freehold houses. They are both exceptional solicitors and do wonderful work, however we know how a name of a solicitor who sits on the board can be in the power of the negotiation.