Like a Moth to a…..Carpet?

by Matthew Wilkinson | no comments | Uncategorised

Many of us will remember being told by Parents and Grandparents to be careful that moths don’t ruin our clothes. In fact, for those looking to avoid moths, amongst the clothes is probably not the place to focus; clothes moths often find carpets to be more appealing than wardrobes.

The reason for this is that moths are looking for dark and dirty fabric, whereas the clothes we keep in our wardrobes tends to be clean. Carpets actually do a much better job of collecting household dirt and dust which provides a perfect diet for moth larvae! Moths favour carpets for the ideal home for their eggs and larvae to hide.

You may have had this experience if you’ve moved into a home that was vacant for some time, or with older carpets – around the corners of the room where the carpet meets the wall is a key place to check – but also don’t forget that there are some pieces of furniture that we rarely move. Checking behind and underneath furniture fairly regularly will help to avoid an unexpected infestation!

Especially in the summer months, it’s a good idea to hoover carpet at least once a week to keep moths from taking over, and don’t forget if you have rugs to keep these clean and clear of dirt too!