London: the best return on your buy-to-let investment

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An Insurance Provider has revealed the top UK cities for investing in property. By asking landlords to name their top areas to invest, the cities have been rated according to potential profits on rentals. London came out on top with over a third of landlords voting for either London or Manchester.

Although the UK’s capital is famous for its high property prices, there has been stagnation in growth since the Brexit referendum in 2016, creating pent-up demand. But now that the political uncertainty has come to an end, this demand is releasing and London is becoming a very attractive place to invest in once again.

With Rightmove reporting a jump in asking prices at the start of the year and signs of renewed activity, this appears to signal a brighter outlook for property, particularly in London. Despite higher taxes on buy-to-let, strong demand for rentals paired with extremely low interest rates suggest excellent returns are still possible.

Here at Dendrow we are full of optimism for the future and this is reflected in the significant number of enquiries we’ve been receiving. It has been reassuring to see that interest in UK property is still so high.

Whether you’re looking to invest in the London market or sell a property, Dendrow can help. Not only do we have a wide range of different properties for sale, we also have close relationships with local landlords eager to add to their existing portfolios. The post-election surge in demand presents an exciting opportunity for buyers and sellers alike.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today or arrange a valuation or register as a buyer. The Dendrow team have years of experience in the London property market.

Here are just a small list of great investment properties currently available;