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Our Fresh Water Aquarium is our pride and joy as you walk into our Paddington Head Office.

Elegantly arranged and cleverly positioned in the office so it can act as a concealment between the client area and office area, Dendrow International’s Aquarium is truly a thing to admire now.

However, that wasn’t the case only a few months ago. Our Aquarium was rather sadly neglected due to the lack of promised care by a third-party expert.

So, enter the Paddington team to the rescue:

If you think that changing the architecture of the aquarium is easy: then think again. There are so many factors you must take in, and it’s not only about the fish you are planning to have?!

It’s the endless research about the habitat the fish will need, water conditions and the food you must feed them. It is safe to say that team in Paddington almost became the fish experts overnight, and by showing the passion and determination we overcame the unknown. After all, Dendrow International is all about passion and determination, so why not where our aquarium is concerned.
We easily decided to have African cichlids or commonly known as Malawi fish. According to research, they are very intelligent and fun to watch and obviously beautiful.

After obtaining 30 kg of black sand, some slates and white stones, together with hired expert our aquarium soon exhibited a rather magical display.

Excitement doubled when our new silent members of the team arrived: Two albinos named: Snow Jon and Ghost, two Zebra Cichlids named: Fanta and Kiddo, two dolphins named: Flipper and Willy, two yellow labs named: Lemon and Sunshine, Blue Cobalt named Sapphire and Zebra Blue named Stripe.
They are still babies and we are looking forward to seeing them grow to a majestic species.
They are so much fun to watch so please, feel free to come and see us whenever you are in the neighbourhood.