What Tenants Truly Want in a Rental Home

by Sharon Fernando | no comments | Blog, Property

As an independent estate agent in Ealing, we at Dendrow understand the priorities and preferences of both landlords and tenants. Regularly fielding queries on what renters look for, we’ve gained valuable insights into the features that make or break a rental property’s appeal. Here are the key factors tenants prioritize and what landlords can do to meet their needs

Location Trumps All

The real estate adage “location, location, location” rings true for rentals too. Proximity to amenities like shops, good school catchment areas for families, and accessibility to public transportation are non-negotiables for most tenants. Buying a rental property in a well-connected, amenity-rich area should be a top consideration for landlords.

Ease of Commute and Parking

Commuters and students hugely value properties with easy access to trains, buses, or other public transit options. Highlight these links prominently in listings. For those who drive, the availability of off-street parking, garages, or at least ample free on-street spaces is a major convenience and safety factor.

Safety and Security

Feeling secure in one’s home is paramount. Robust locks, alarm systems, CCTV, secure parking, and other safety features instill confidence, especially in high-end rentals. Landlords must also ensure all legal safety obligations like updated gas, electric, and energy efficiency certifications are met.

Outdoor Space

Post-pandemic, outdoor spaces have taken on renewed importance for recreation, relaxation, and hosting. Properties with private gardens, patios or balconies have an edge. If not available, highlighting proximity to parks or nature could attract outdoor enthusiasts

Property Condition

While newly built properties have an inherent advantage, older homes require diligent maintenance and potential renovations, especially for areas like kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems which can be dealbreakers. A well-maintained property in good repair will generate more tenant interest.

Open Concept Living

Open-plan kitchen/living areas are coveted for their airy, flexible living spaces suitable for various needs like dining, entertaining or working from home. Knocking down a wall to create this integrated layout could vastly improve a property’s allure.


Plentiful storage via built-ins, attic access, understairs cupboards etc. allows for an uncluttered, organized living space – a major plus for long-term renters. Maximizing storage can make even small spaces feel more livable.

Integrated Appliances

Many tenants prefer the convenience and money-saving aspect of having appliances like washers, ovens and fridges integrated rather than bringing their own. Ensuring these are up-to-date and in good working order is essential.

Implementing even some of these features can differentiate a rental property and maximize its potential with prospective tenants. At Dendrow, we’re pleased to advise landlords on how they can make their investments as appealing and profitable as possible. As an independent agency we will work with you to help and advise every step of the way! Get in touch with the team at Dendrow at either our Maida Vale or Ealing branch by calling us on 020 7402 3668.